Apr. 2 Live painting at Kobe

【Thank you a lot. Report is here.】I’ll take part in “Swimmy Project” at “Umie” where is a shopping mall at Kobe, Japan on Apr. 2, 2016. I’ll draw a fish like a Swimmy. The contents are as follows.  Making Giant Koinobori with Small Fishes by Small Hands of Children Around the World ~ With Love From Kobe ~

Organizer: Kobe Swimmy Project Executive Committee Sponsors: Kurisu Co., Ltd. Supporting Organizations: Children in Kobe City, Kindergartens, Day Care Centers, Elementary, Schools, Children’s Groups, Public Recreational Facilities in Kobe City * Quotes from Swimmy by Leo Lionni… * Supplementary Explanation
“Koinobori is one of the wonderful cultures in Japan to wish for children’s growth and happiness. Unfortunately, it seems to be fading. I feel that more adults cannot communicate with their children and more children don’t have dreams for their future. Through this joint activity of creating the giant koinobori, I wish the children learn ‘it’s okay to be unique’, ‘to cooperate with friends’, and that ‘we can do something big by connecting with many others’ just like Swimmy. I also wish the adults to feel the beauty of children’s dreams and the warm promise of their growth. My ultimate theme is to spread the children’s smiles and hopes throughout the world.” Akihide Kurisu, Representative Kobe Swimmy Project Executive Committee * Postscript
Through this project, I want the children to be able to think on their own, cooperate with friends, and feel their achievements. I wish for every child to have dreams and hopes. No matter how difficult, by working together with others, there are possibilities, just like in the story, Swimmy. My aim is to organize an event that can provide the children hopes and dreams.